The concept behind Skybox Cabins is much older than the company itself. But life, work, and a little fear kept us from diving right in.

Originally from Marseille France, Yvan came to the United States as a foreign exchange student and found his calling as a rodeo cowboy eventually, earning a scholarship to Sam Houston State University. I was a cheerleader at Sam Houston State at the same time but we didn't meet until years later at a rodeo in Mesquite, TX. We were married 18 months later and made our home in Rockwall, TX where I was a teacher and Yvan continued his professional rodeo career. Even though we loved our life there, we dreamed of wide open spaces and a small town community.

While looking for a smaller piece of property, we stumbled upon what is now home base for Skybox Cabins. The 50 acres was double what we wanted but after seeing the incredible views, the creek and the potential, we instantly knew that we had to have it.


The original plan was for us to continue living in Rockwall while enjoying this place on the weekends and slowly building one cabin for rent. Then, in a few years we would make the move and build cabins full time. But, on February 22, 2017, our plans and our lives changed forever. Our daughter, Sienna, was rushed to Children's Medical Center with bleeding on the brain caused by a ruptured AVM. She spent 9 weeks in the hospital. For over three weeks, we sat in ICU while she was in a medically induced coma, undergoing multiple procedures to stop the bleeding and reduce the swelling in her brain. Doctors called her survival nothing less than miraculous but it was clear that she would need substantial rehab on her path to recovery. During this time, we decided that work and fear were not good enough reasons to delay living out our dreams. Skybox Cabins launched its first cabin, The Birdhouse, in June of 2017. In August, we made the move to Glen Rose and could not be happier. Our daughter is thriving and we have found the sense of peace that we truly needed.

Since the move, we have opened three additional cabins, LaTour, The Nest, the Hive. And in August 2018 welcomed our baby boy.

We have big plans for Skybox Cabins. Our goal is to provide outstanding hospitality in unique cabins designed and built by us. Additionally, we hope that guests take time to find adventure while exploring the land, serenity while gazing up at the stars, and joy while reconnecting with oneself or each other.

We look forward to your stay.

Yvan and Kristin


We have social pets on the property who you can interact with if you like.  Our two well trained dogs and gentle horses love your attention.