February 4, 2019
Sometimes, you just need a break. A break from work, a break from traffic, pollution, the stress of the everyday. Just a break from life. I've been there. I think we all have.

I grew up in cities of various sizes and I love city life. The things to do, see, eat. My favorite city in the world is New York. But, I couldn't live there. Claustrophobia would settle in and make me crazy. I'm not talking about being surrounded by buildings so tall you have to look straight up to see the sky. The people would make me crazy. The sheer number of people walking around, bumping into you, cutting you off. The people would make me crazy. Don't get me wrong. They are not bad people. It is just that the incredibly large number of people living their life in the hustle and bustle one of the busiest cities in the world don't have time...to just be.

Glen Rose is the antithesis of New York city and I love it for all the things that New York is not. It is quiet, open, peaceful. The people here not only have time to get to know their neighbors, they want to. How many 40th birthday block parties do you think happen in New York or any other city of significant size? I remember having them on our street as a kid. They still happen here, and it's phenomenal.

If you googled "Glen Rose" there would be a list of things this town is known for. Fossil Rim, Dinosaur Valley State Park, Dinosaur World and The Promise. All of those thing can be found here and they are AMAZING. But there is so much more that can't be found in a google search. It won't tell you how bright the stars shine at night, the friendliness of the people, how the fresh air rejuvenates your body or the peace that can be found by being surrounded by nature. This town is so many things that you can only understand if you come here and actually experience it.

When we first bought our property its intent was to be a weekend home of sorts. A place for us to visit when we needed a break from the city. We didn't expect to call it home for quite a few years. Our business would open but we wouldn't move there yet. But, life happens. More than just happens. Sometimes it punches you in the gut and tries to drown you. Sometimes life almost takes the life of your four year old daughter and plunges you in to darkness so heavy it is hard to breathe. So, you visit this small town you weren't quite ready to be a part of. You walk through Dinosaur Valley State Park while listening to Chris Stapleton and you cry because finally no one is around to see it and because it makes you feel better. You drink Jack Daniels on the back porch and toast the cows that are eating all the plants in your yard. And you laugh because where else do you toast cows while drinking Jack. Slowly, the weight starts to lift and your daughter starts to heal. You move to this town because you know the life you once lived wasn't going to work for your family anymore. You start over. And this little town that you just expected to visit on weekends becomes home in every way you can imagine. It embraces your family, supports your struggle, and loves your daughter like she had been born one of their own.

I still love the city, but not like I love this town, these people, and the peace that is so readily available for anyone and everyone who needs it. If a trip to the city isn't what you are looking for, then Glen Rose probably is. Come find some joy while walking in nature, friendship visiting with local shop owners, or laughter while having a drink with a herd of cattle. Whatever it is that you need, I promise you can find it here.